Latest Test Results

At SIS Labs our team believes in complete honesty, transparency and commitment in sure we provide the best quality product to our customer base. making Therefore we want to be known as the most tested lab in the world. We will do this by sending samples of our API’s and finished product range to 2 different testing laboratories in Europe.

Every batch result will be uploaded to the website and can be discussed on the forum. We currently have sent over 18 samples to a testing laboratory in Europe and are awaiting their results.

Please find results below this section will be updated as results become available.
  • SIS SiTropin HGH
  • Batch: 009-170315
  • MFG: 03/2017
  • Expiry: 03/2021
  • Amount of rHGH in Vial: 3.58 mg / 10.74 IU
  • Purity: 99.423%
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  • Anabolics by HPLC-DAD
  • Batch: 18A2846
  • Report Date:17/07/2018
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